It is inadmissible to hold national exams — Manana Nikoleishvili

Education expert Manana Nikoleishvili categorically opposes holding national exams. The expert believes that holding exams in the usual format was a big mistake last year as well.

«You probably remember the outbreak of last year’s pandemic in late August. It was the result of thousands of people being brought into one space,» Manana Nikoleishvili told GTNews.

According to the education expert, national exams are generally unacceptable in nature, and the abolition of school exams and their replacement by national exams will significantly damage the school’s authority.

«The Ministry has not yet established how the exams will be conducted. Several options are being considered, including the issue of conducting the exam remotely.

It is also possible to conduct exams remotely. There are special programs that allow online exams to be conducted fairly and without violations.

However, I believe that the national exams, which were adopted as a temporary project at the time of their creation, should be abolished altogether.

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