Abkhazians realize they are in the deadlock-Mamuka Areshidze

An expert on conflict issues Mamuka Areshidze responded to the report released by the Russian service of the U.S. Radio Free Europe. The report concerned the statement made by the representative of Abkhaz de-facto government Sergei Shamba. The statement concerned possible development of Abkhaz-Georgian trade-economic relations.

Areshidze believes that there might be Russian interests behind Shamba’s statement, however the Abkhaz interests are obvious. The Abkhazians realize that they are in the deadlock and it is impossible to establish relations with the West without Georgia.

As regards the position of the official Tbilisi, the official authorities keep silent against the background of such statements.

“The silence of official Tbilisi is incomprehensible. I suppose, it is worth making a response in connection with the statement. If you abstain from making official statements, it is desirable to fix the positive at the public level.

Of course, negotiations can’t be held between Georgia and Abkhazia but there might be a dialogue between the sides,” Mamuka Areshidze said.

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