A working group on the election reform created in parliament

A working group will be created on the election reform in the Georgian parliament. Two co-chairmen will lead the working groups. The working group will be headed by Shalva Papuashvili from the parliamentary majority and Levan Ioseliani will be his co-chair from the opposition. Non-governmental organizations and representatives of parties will be represented in the group.

“A working group will be created in Georgian Parliament in order to avoid groundless interpretations. It will prepare the electoral reforms. We have already signed a memorandum of cooperation with the party “Citizens”, the group co-chairman from the majority Shalva Papuashvili said.

According to Papuashvili, the memorandum consists of more than ten points and envisages changes and procedure improvements in different directions, including change of the compositions of central and district commissions. The improvements will also touch the change of the rule of the election of the chairman of CEC. The use of the administrative resources will be reconsidered by the recommendation of

OSCE/ODIHR. The norms of electoral disputes will be reconsidered as well in order to provide timely and transparent resolution. The local self-government elections will be held in the ratio of ¼ of proportional and majoritarian election systems. It is particularly important that electronic technologies will be introduced. This is sure to rule out different manipulations and human mistakes and will eradicate the 30-year problem of unbalanced protocols.

In his words, the commission is ready to discuss the reduction of the election threshold within 0-3% in case the necessary number of MPs (11 MP) enter the parliament to realize the constitutional changes.

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