It will not be mandatory for students to wear a headscarf at school

The Ministry of Education offered schools in the big cities of Georgia the opportunity to choose the learning format.

«Some of the hungry people express their desire for the child to continue learning in a distance format. This service will be open every Wednesday to organize these processes and we will receive an updated number of students in the remote format on Mondays. Those teachers who will be involved in the distance learning format will receive additional funding due to the number of additional hours, ”said Ekaterine Dgebuadze.

As for the co-regulations, Dgebuadze said that there is a regulation approved by the order regarding the wearing of the veil, which may be revised. In particular, it is not mandatory for students to wear a headscarf in the school space at this time, however, it is now being considered whether to change the regulations.

«Today we can say that all schools are ready. In addition, we have daily meetings with educational resource centers. If there is any type of challenge in any school, we discuss solutions and help ensure that these processes are fully managed. If there is a lack of resources, additional support is needed, all schools are equipped, ”added Ekaterine Dgebuadze.

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