Opposition will definitely reach early elections — Grigol Gelelia

According to Grigol Gegelia, a member of Lelo for Georgia, the opposition will gather in the coming weeks to talk about future tactics of political struggle, which should ensure early elections. According to him, the opposition will definitely reach early elections.

«Naturally, the opposition will gather in the coming weeks, and may, many times, talk about what the fighting tactics are, what the character of the coming months is and how we will achieve new snap elections. Whatever the «Georgian Dream» is achieving today, the goal will be achieved, because it is the order of the Georgian people.

Of the more than 20,000 of our supporters polled, 91 percent support our current political stance, which is to boycott this bogus parliament.

We see that society and public opinion are united around us. We also know that this so-called Even in the elections held by Tamar Zhvania, the opposition received more votes than the Georgian Dream. Therefore, public public legitimacy is on our side and we represent the political positions and wishes of the majority of the Georgian people.

We will continue to fight as democratically as possible in order to translate all this into new snap elections and get a truly Georgian People’s Parliament, ”Grigol Gegelia said.

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