“Georgian Dream” will get two protests-Zaal Udumashvili

“Georgian Dream” is the main reason for the disruption of the fifth round of negotiations. It is not ready to meet at the negotiating table,” one of the leaders of the United National Movement Zaal Udumashvili made the statement in his interview with the “Timely dialogue” program on Radio Georgian Times.

According to Udumashvili, the facilitators are waiting for the preparedness of “Georgian Dream”. “When our mandates are terminated and we get a one-party parliament officially, then all this will turn around on “Georgian Dream”, including from the facilitators’ side. Thus, they will have to cope with two protests. One of the protests will come from the streets and the other one from the international partners,” Udumashvili said.

He also added that he keeps in touch with the rest of the opposition each day and he knows exactly that nobody intends to enter the parliament without the main agreement which means snap elections. “We start serious work and we will do everything so that the snap election is held in 2021,” Zaal Udumashvili said.

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