Georgia will be presented as a host country at the ITB Berlin exhibition

In 2023, at the ITB Berlin exhibition in Berlin, Germany, Georgia will be presented as a host country and will have access to an audience of 1 billion.

This has already been written on the website of ITB Berlin, one of the largest tourism exhibitions in the world.

«Georgia will participate in the ITB Berlin International Tourism Online Exhibition this year as a partner country in the field of adventure and sustainable tourism,» the exhibition website reads.

According to the ITB Berlin exhibition, Georgia, as a host country, will receive image information and marketing support worth 37 million Euros. This is a € 15 million online media service. € 3,200,000 TV and radio coverage, € 19 million in print media services. Most important is the fact that hosting ITB Berlin provides access to Georgia’s 1 billion audience, which is directly and indirectly involved in the tourism industry.

According to tourism experts, participating in the ITB Berlin exhibition as a host is an opportunity of unprecedented scale for the country, which will take Georgia to an even higher level as a country with special tourism opportunities. Host status is a signal to the whole world that Georgia is one of the best tourist countries in the world until 2022 and beyond. Since 2007, 15 countries have been hosted in Berlin, including India, Germany, Turkey, Poland, Indonesia, Malaysia, etc. These countries have the largest share of the tourism market in the world.

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