The European Union publishes a report on the implementation of the Association Agreement by Georgia

On 9 February 2021, the European Commission and the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy released an annual report on Georgia’s implementation of the Association Agreement by 2020, detailing the country’s ongoing reforms in a number of areas.
✅ The document states that despite the Covid-19 pandemic, Georgia was steadfastly following the chosen European path. It is noted that the country has successfully continued to fulfill its obligations under the Association Agreement, including approximation with EU legislation and the introduction of European human rights standards.
. The EU reaffirms its strong support for the country’s territorial integrity within its internationally recognized borders and speaks of its active involvement in the conflict resolution process. The report also highlights the government’s peace initiative — «A Step Towards a Better Future», which has been highly praised and supported by the European Union.
✅ The report also discusses the economic and fiscal challenges posed by the pandemic facing the country, but the report nevertheless acknowledges that Georgia has maintained successful positions in international rankings. Among them, according to the World Bank, the country ranks 7th among 190 countries in terms of business environment and the second in the world in terms of ease of starting a business.
✅ The report emphasizes that despite reduced trade, the European Union, as a single trading bloc, remains Georgia’s largest trading partner, and that the country continues its efforts to recognize Georgian products in the EU market.
✅ The report presents Georgia as one of the most successful countries in terms of participation in EU educational programs — Georgia is among the top 10 countries within the framework of «Erasmus +».
✅ The report also details the parliamentary elections in the country in the fall of 2020, which, according to international observers, were held in a competitive environment where fundamental freedoms were generally protected. At the same time, the report positively assesses the changes in the electoral legislation, which resulted in the 2020 parliamentary elections being held under a new system and firmly setting the country on a course that envisages a transition to a fully proportional system by 2024.
✅ The report addresses government reforms in a number of areas, including the consolidation of democracy and electoral law, human rights, justice, the fight against corruption and organized crime, border management, personal data protection, public administration, economic development and trade, and competition. Regional Development and Decentralization, Healthcare, Agriculture, Statistics, Financial Sector, Environment, Education, Youth and Innovation, Transport and Energy.
. The report also positively assesses the dynamics of approximation to EU norms and standards and highlights a number of legislative steps taken by the government.

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