None of the Nationals in the Parliament — Gia Iakobashvili

Gia Iakobashvili, a member of the board of the «Real Politics» movement, said in the program «Real Politics» on Malkhaz Gulashvili’s program «Malkhaz Gulashvili» on the radio «Georgian Times».

According to him, terrorist organizations are banned all over the world, there are lists of such organizations, «but in Georgia, it should concern the National Movement. Our organization is working in this direction — Parliament without Nazis, although there are latent Nazis for me Eka Beselia, Nino Burjanadze and Lami Zviad Dzidziguri have also become Nazis recently. «But such a national movement must end,» Gia Iakobashvili said.

He said he could not call this group the opposition. «This is a national movement exposed in systemic crime. Instead of dealing with their disappearance from the political arena, we are busy trying to somehow get into parliament and start sabotaging from there. «It’s even worse,» he said.

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