The demand for bail is cynical and absurd

Representatives of the opposition parties have issued a joint statement regarding the case of Nika Melia, the chairman of the United National Movement.

«Ivanishvili’s Prosecutor’s Office has asked the Parliament, which does not express the will of the Georgian people, to consent to the arrest of Nika Melia. We, the Georgian Democratic Opposition Parties, With justice.

It is also cynical and absurd to demand bail for a politician who has not left the country even before the threat of arrest and is already demanding the abolition of his parliamentary mandate. Melia’s case is a clear proof of the methods used by the Georgian Dream to maintain its power, how much of a threat it poses to Georgia’s democratic future. The arrest of Nika Melia or the creation of a media process to prepare for the arrest have the potential to further polarize the already radicalized political environment, which can only be seen as a provocation. «The authorities should stop prosecuting their opponents, abide by the March 8 agreement and release political prisoner Giorgi Rurua, and come to the negotiating table, where an agreement will be reached on new elections and new election rules,» the statement said.

The statement was signed by: «European Georgia», «United National Movement», «Labor Party», «Victorious Georgia», «United Georgia-Democratic Movement», «Christian Democratic Movement», «Try for Georgia», «Christian Conservative Party», » New Christian Democrats, For Justice, National Democratic Party, State for People, European Democrats, Law & Justice, Republican Party, Civic Alliance for Freedom, Girchi-Freedoms, Free Democrats «,» Strategy Builder «, Elene Khoshtaria, Irakli Glonti,» Serve Georgia «.

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