2000 GEL fine for Zurab Japaridze

The leader of «Girchi Mets Azatutyun» was fined 2000 GEL for illegal economic activity.

Zurab Japaridze opened a bar on Agmashenebeli Avenue.

«Unauthorized economic activity was detected and confirmed in Agmashenebeli N45, the organizer was a natural person and the relevant sanction was applied, which is provided by the Code of Administrative Offenses. A natural person was fined GEL 2,000. Repeated cases lead to criminal liability and the facility is being sealed, ”said Maia Mikaia, a spokeswoman for the Labor Safety Inspection Service.

Zurab Japaridze is not going to pay the fine and says that he is defending his mandate as an MP. He plans to open the bar tomorrow and even plan to celebrate the birthday of one of his fellow party members.

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