Agreement between Saknakhshiri administration and miners

An agreement was signed between the administration of Saknakhshiri and the employees of the N4 mining district.

«With the involvement of Bezhan Tsakadze, a majoritarian MP from Tkibuli, Terjola, Zestaponi and Baghdati, as a result of a meeting with the miners, it was decided that the miners will receive 100% of the salary for the implementation of the plan. Once the redundancy rate exceeds the said 1340.31 tonnes, the calculation of remuneration will normally continue according to the rule stipulated in the contract between the company and the employees.

Each miner was involved in the decision-making process. Later, an employment contract was signed with them, which detailed the conditions and rights and responsibilities of both the employee and the employer.

On February 11, N4 precinct employees protested low pay, which was caused by their non-compliance with the plan.

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