Grants to entrepreneurial IDPs

Besarion Simonishvili, Director of the Agency for Refugees, Eco-Migrants and Livelihoods, and Kemlin Furli, Representative of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees in Georgia, handed over equipment and equipment to the IDPs to expand their activities.

The main goal of the project, in addition to supporting the entrepreneurial activities of IDPs, is to promote the employment and integration of persons under international protection.

According to the partnership agreement signed between the Agency and UNHCR, 15 IDP entrepreneurs received a total of 110,000 GEL worth of machinery and equipment. The IDPs employed stateless persons or refugees in their own enterprises.

«We hope that the project will benefit both sides and improve their economic situation. Refugees and asylum seekers have the right to work in Georgia. «They want to be self-confident and take care of their families, as well as contribute to the life of the host community,» said Kemlin Furley.

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