In the boycott regime, the parties are on the verge of collapse — Beka Davituliani

A member of the parliamentary majority responds to the ongoing processes in «European Georgia». According to Beka Davituliani, practically all the parties in the boycott regime are on the verge of disintegration, which was confirmed by the party leaders in public statements.

«All this was confirmed by this election. The opposition spectrum, unfortunately, is taking steps that harm them and harm the interests of our country, in terms of democratic development. Unfortunately, they have chosen this path and are reaping the consequences. Look at the opposition spectrum, all the parties in the boycott mode are practically on the verge of collapse, everyone has an outflow of personnel and it is their choice. «When you take such a step against democratic development, it will have consequences that would be self-destructive. We used to say from the beginning that the opposition is in a self-destructive mode,» Davtuliani said.

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