Majority will support lifting of Nika Melia’s immunity — Mamuka Mdinaradze

Mamuka Mdinaradze makes a comment after the majority session.

«We discussed current political issues, including electoral reform, the initiative to establish a culture committee, the issue of the commission of inquiry and the motion submitted by the prosecutor’s office to the parliament to suspend Nika Melia,» said the chairman of the Georgian Dream parliamentary faction.

According to Mamuka Mdinaradze, the task of the Georgian Dream is to ensure the rule of law, unconditionally adhere to the principle of equality and not to impede the administration of justice.

«Unfortunately, the goal of Nika Melia, as well as the» National Movement «is completely opposite and they are a deliberate provocation of the justice system, the trust of the state and society in the institutions.

At the same time, he has presented himself with such an alternative — having to either apologize to the public, the state and pay bail, or aggravate the measure of restraint himself.

We, Nika Melia, should not discuss the issue of lifting the parliamentary immunity, so that he knows in advance the general position of the team that the majority will support the lifting of his immunity.

Consequently, he still has the time and opportunity to make a political decision not dictated by a provocative agenda, but to respect the legislation of his own country and take a step that is legally correct, in accordance with the requirements of the law.

«Here, the society should know and we emphasize — today, the only person on whom the issue of aggravating the non-aggravating measure of Nika Melia is Nika Melia and he still has a few days left to understand his decision,» Mdinaradze said.

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