The Pope congratulated the lovers on Valentine’s Day

Pope Francis I congratulated all loving couples on Valentine’s Day. The Pope said this in a traditional Sunday sermon.

«Today is St. Valentine’s Day, I can not help but think and congratulate this day to engaged and loving couples,» the Vatican News quoted the pope as saying.

The celebration of Valentine’s Day began in 5th century Rome as St. Valentine’s Day and was celebrated throughout Christendom. Valentine was a Roman priest who, in 269, was tortured during the reign of Claudius II. Claudius II forbade young people to marry in the Roman Empire because he believed that a single man who had no family and no beloved wife would fight and serve his homeland better than a married man with small children. Priest Valentin did not obey his order and secretly wrote the cross to the loving couples. This behavior of his did not go unnoticed for a long time. Valentin was captured, imprisoned, severely tortured, and finally sentenced to death and beheaded after being tortured

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