The term of temporary residence in Georgia increases to 12 years

The maximum term of issuance of a temporary residence permit in Georgia — six years, varies by 12 years.

If a foreigner lives in Georgia on a temporary permit for six years, he /she will be given the opportunity to extend his / her temporary residence permit instead of obtaining a permanent residence permit, as is currently the case.

«In many cases, the purpose of staying in Georgia on the basis of a temporary residence permit does not correspond to the grounds for obtaining a permanent residence permit. For example, the term of study at the faculty of an educational institution lasts up to 12 years, such as the medical faculty. «Considering that the stay of an alien in Georgia after six years is temporary and serves to acquire knowledge for its use in the homeland, the forced long-term bond with Georgia and the obligation to obtain permanent residence are both legally and practically incompatible with this goal,» the bill reads.

Relevant changes will be submitted to the Bureau tomorrow. Its initiator is Mikheil Sarjveladze, Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Human Rights.

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