Come to the Parliament and ask questions — Anri Okhanashvili

If our colleagues have any questions about this case, they should go to the parliament and ask those questions,» said Anri Okhanashvili, a member of the parliamentary majority, before the sitting of the Legal Affairs Committee.

«I call on all my colleagues, those who have entered the parliament and those who are in the mode of sabotage and refuse to enter, including Nikanor Melia himself, to come and ask questions to the prosecutor.

As for the committee’s decision, Okhanashvili said that the committee should listen to the prosecutor and make a decision not on whether Nika Melia is guilty, but on whether he has violated the law and whether the Prosecutor General’s Office has grounds to appeal to the parliament to lift the immunity.

«We are not a court. We have no right to enter into court cases. «We should not consider the issue of Melia’s guilt, but whether the person violated the law when he refused to pay bail and whether it is reasonable to apply to the prosecutor’s office,» Okhanashvili said.

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