Several streets to be named in honor of the Georgian cadets in the capital

Several issues were discussed at the session of Tbilisi sakrebulo today.

By the decision of Tbilisi sakrebulo, several streets of the capital will be named in honor of the Georgian cadets in connection with the 100th anniversary of Georgia’s occupation by Russia.

Apart from that, a street named after a famous Georgian film director Giorgi Shengelaia appeared in Mtatsminda district.

The members of the sakrebulo approved the amendments to the resolution #72-136 in connection with the healthcare subprogram which is envisaged by the Tbilisi budget.

According to the draft bill, the changes are made to the subprogram “on financing of medicines for breast cancer treatment.” A new medicine was added to the list of the funded medicines in the framework of the subprogram.

The Sakrebulo members supported the issues of real estate privatization in the capital and supported amendments to the Resolution #39-18 of the General Land Use Plan and several more regulations.

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