You have fattened the National Movement yourselves and you do not like it now-Gia Korkotashvili

By stripping Nika Melia of the MP’s immunity and sending him to prison, Georgian Dream decided to demonstrate its power, while they say that the National Movement has become weaker. Are they accusing Melia of coup d’état? Did he realize the turnover all by himself and is he the head of the riot? Gia Korkotashvili , the founder of the Georgian Mission addressed the Georgian Dream during his interview with GTnews.

“You could have started restoring justice from 2012 but you fattened them and you don’t want them to come back. Haven’t you read a proverb about a wolf to the end? The wolf must be coming now. It must have come back to you but in the disguise of people’s distrust,” Gia Korkotashvili addressed the “dream’s” government.

According to Korkotashvili, due to the psychological type of the Georgian people which is manifested in protection and support of the oppressed, it is quite possible that we might see crowds of people at the rallies announced in connection with Melia’s case.

In Korkotashvili’s words, Nika Melia believes in what he does and he has not groveled unlike the former chairman of his party. Accordingly, he is more valued than all the others from the both sides.


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