The case went to idiocracy — Vakhtan Maisaia

Giorgi Gakharia’s resignation is the cause of internal clan controversy, and Nika Melia’s case seems to have been the last straw that made him make this decision — says political scientist Vakhtan Maisaia in a conversation with GT news

«There are several clans in the Georgian Dream: law enforcement, Kakhetians, so-called All these groups of Communists are quite strong. As for Giorgi Gakharia, he is a charismatic person and his environment is quite weak. This is what led to his resignation. Melia’s case, which can be said to be «semi-finished», Accelerated — notes Maisaia.

As Maisaia points out, Gakharia’s decision turned everything upside down, the government of the «Dream» fell into its own trap and dilettantism led to a state crisis.

«Ivanishvili will probably have to return. He left because he thought he had left the situation in the team. In my opinion, he was not fully informed of what was really going on.

Reminder: The Prime Minister of Georgia Giorgi Gakharia made the decision to resign today and gave a reason. He named disagreement with the team as the reason.

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