Russia constantly dragges EU members into hybrid disputes — Angela Merkel

«The transatlantic space should have a common agenda with Russia,» German Chancellor Angela Merkel said in a speech at an international security conference in Munich.

According to the head of the German government, Russia is constantly dragging EU members into hybrid disputes, which explains the need for a unified agenda.

«Germany is open to a new chapter in the transatlantic partnership,» Merkel said.

The German Chancellor also voiced support for NATO’s overall commitment that member states spend two percent of their GDP on defense.

Merkel also focused on the conflict in Ukraine, saying that the progress made in the implementation of the Minsk agreements to resolve the conflict in Donbas leaves the desire for better.

Angela Merkel also spoke about the pandemic in her speech.

«I said in my speech that the pandemic will not end until everyone in the world is vaccinated,» Merkel said.

Merkel said the meeting did not discuss specific percentages and deadlines for vaccine supplies to poor countries.

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