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Opposition leaders ready for dialogue — Jigimanta Pavilion

Zhigimanta Pavilion calls on the Georgian government to take action and make the necessary decisions to establish a dialogue.

«Opposition leaders are ready for dialogue and de-escalation, which is very important for the country’s Euro-Atlantic future, for EU and NATO membership,» said Jigimantas Pavilionis, chairman of the Lithuanian Seimas Foreign Affairs Committee, after meeting with opposition figures.

«I really appreciate the meeting of all the leaders. I think they are ready for dialogue and de-escalation. This is very important for the Euro-Atlantic future of your country, for the EU and NATO membership, for which we are really fighting. You have a great day tomorrow, this is Constitution Day.

February 25 is also an important day that reminds us of the loss of Georgia’s freedom. Hopefully, these days will be days of unity and dialogue and not of escalation. We call on the Georgian government to take the necessary steps to establish a dialogue. We are a small, modest country, Lithuania, whose fate is so strongly like yours.

We all lived in the same prison together and got rid of this prison. We want Georgia to follow our path. Thank you so much again for this meeting. We hope to achieve this result together, «said Zhigimanta Pavilion.

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