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Scheduling elections in the fall of 2022 is the best solution — expert

Expert Nika Chitadze believes that overcoming the deepening crisis in the Georgian political spectrum will be impossible without taking concrete steps on both sides.

As the expert told GTNews, there is no common ground for dialogue.

«In the agreement of March 8, 2020, there was such a point. It was in the interest of the opposition to agree on certain changes in the electoral system. Today, unfortunately, there is no such point of contact. The only offer the opposition has is early elections, but the government does not agree with that. The parties are playing constructiveness to show the international community, ”said Nika Chitadze.

According to the expert, the best solution in the current situation is to make a compromise decision on both sides.

«The parties must agree and hold elections electronically and proportionally in the fall of 2022. In the case of this proposal, the opposition will want to enter the parliament. Otherwise, there will be a meeting for a meeting, a dialogue for a dialogue, a negotiation for a negotiation. «All this will not bring real results,» he said

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