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The National Movement was restored in Alamut prison — Giorgi Khaindrava

The United National Movement (ANM) has been fully restored in Alamut prison, director Giorgi Khaindrava said on the Georgian Times during Malkhaz Gulashvili’s «Real Politics» program when he assessed the political situation in the country and commented on the possible arrest of party leader Nika Melia.

«Alamut Fortress is a sect of hashish and comparing the office of the National Movement means that it will level this sect with the land. The clown who compares the office to a prison is completely uneducated. «If God punishes a person, he will darken the mind,» Khaindrava said.

He stressed that today in this prison are gathered people who are described as traitors of the nation in the film «November to November» made by Gvaramia. «Nobody remembers the accusations of this film, but I remember, my son remembers,» he said.

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