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«Georgian Dream» will either wake up or face a very difficult fate — Salome Samadashvili

After leaving the residence of the EU Ambassador, Salome Samadashvili, a member of the United National Movement, comments.

«The conversations we have not only with the ambassadors here, but also in the capitals, with our friends, in the US Senate, in Congress, in the European Parliament, reassure us that the Georgian Dream, or awakening, will be reminded that the justice system should not be used to persecute the opposition.» And the democratic process in the country must be restored, or they are waiting for a very difficult fate, I can tell you with full responsibility.

We have talked about many different mechanisms, there are many different mechanisms in the hands of our strategic allies to exert appropriate pressure on a government that violates human rights, violates the principles of the rule of law, and the principles of a democratic society.

All these mechanisms will be worked out accordingly if we do not see the political will of the «Georgian Dream» in the near future to return the political processes in the country to normal.

«We have heard enough reactions at all levels and then concrete steps will be taken, but if they do not reach this point, the Georgian Dream will have the appropriate mechanisms to end the political persecution in the country and start talking about how we are preparing for free and democratic early parliamentary elections,» Salome said. Samadashvili.

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