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Unfair «advice» surprises the Georgian people who want to be in a Western family, and such surprises are dangerous — Tsulukiani

Execution of the court decision was the only right step, — Tea Tsulukiani, chairwoman of the Education and Culture Committee, wrote on Facebook.

«Those who condemn this are either ignorant of Georgia, or politically engaged and biased outsiders, or even a domestic but not neutral advisor and analyst on the ordered music.

For eight years we have heard much similar advice: put aside the crimes of the former president and do not judge, then what if the people demand justice; Do not arrest the former Prime Minister, then what, that he committed many serious crimes while in office; Nor to arrest a former minister, then what, that torturing prisoners was his hobby; Do not condemn the National Movement, otherwise we will be offended, we will have a bad reaction; Ah, did you arrest him anyway? Let’s run now; etc.

It is such unjust «advice», protection of the guilty political force, and superficial statements that pour water on the mill of the occupier and cause surprise to the Georgian people who want to be in a Western family. Even such surprises are dangerous. If you understand what I mean, fine.

Thanks to the police for their highly qualified action! ”Tea Tsulukiani wrote on the social network

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