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Instead of extraordinary elections, we can go to the plebiscite — Giorgi Vashadze

I expected less from this meeting than I saw. «I have seen that Mr. Charles Michel is going to be involved in this process if we are ready, and it is very important that the issue of the political crisis in Georgia is raised to the highest level in the EU,» said Giorgi Vashadze, Leader of the Strategy with European Council President Charles Michel. After the opposition meeting.

The strategy of the builder leader focused on the message — «from facilitation — to mediation.» «These are two different things, meaning that the alternative proposals for the agreement are the EU side itself to resolve the political crisis in its associated member state,» — said George Vashadze.

He said that the opposition, in turn, is ready for some compromises. «Instead of holding extraordinary elections, we can go to the plebiscite. «This is a fundamental and big compromise announced by the opposition,» Giorgi Vashadze said.

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