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Saakashvili disrupts talks format and shifts country to another plane — Gia Volski

«Saakashvili did it by disrupting the format of the talks and moving the country to another plane,» said Gia Volski, one of the leaders of the Georgian Dream. , Including during the 2008 war.

«Saakashvili was told to strengthen police units in Gali, to increase the involvement of international observers in the Tskhinvali region. «He did what he did to disrupt the format of the talks and move the situation to a completely different level,» Volsky said.

As for international support, he said, «The State Department makes other statements, Congressmen make other statements. The reality is that there are big countries and the fate of other countries depends on their reconciliation and reconciliation. «We have to choose the right position, it is a form of world war and we have to go here for peace,» he said.

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