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There is unity in the team and we are ready for negotiations again — Guram Macharashvili

There is unanimity and state thinking in our team. Therefore, it does not matter who came to yesterday’s meeting, — Guram Macharashvili, a member of the parliamentary majority, told GTNews.

He said that the main thing is the proposals voiced at this meeting and that the government is always ready for negotiations.

«Events developed quickly and it was decided that the Prime Minister would come to the meeting. He voiced our general attitudes and readiness for dialogue. To this will certainly be added our thoughts on what steps to take.

Our position is united. «The people who took part in the first round of the meeting with the opposition, Irakli Gharibashvili, who took part in yesterday’s meeting, our entire team has stated that we are ready for negotiations,» said Guram Macharashvili.

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