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Unrest in Georgia is in the interest of many countries — Mamuka Areshidze

Yesterday’s meeting with Charles Michel could not play a turning point in easing the current situation, the parties only presented their positions and demands to the President of the European Council — political scientist Mamuka Areshidze told GTnews.

«Last night’s meeting at the Presidential Palace was intended to provide information only to the visitor.

As Mamuka Areshidze notes, negotiations in the ultimatum regime are unthinkable, the opposition wants no negotiations, they want to hand over power and nothing else.

«If the situation continues like this, it will lead to the final collapse of the country, the opposition will not stop and the government will not give up its positions. Society must remove its voice.

«The society should raise its voice as in the case of Namakhvani HPP. Come out and call on both sides to stop, because there is no resource for the agreement — Areshidze

As a political scientist, he notes the unrest in the country and, consequently, the slowdown in development contributes to many other countries besides Russia, whose special services are numerous in Georgia and, given the circumstances, do not work badly.

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