In the civil format, constructive reasoning is not the signature of the opposition — Tamta Megrelishvili

Lawyer Tamta Megrelishvili believes that the opposition is not going to sit at the negotiating table and its signature will not become a constructive discussion. Megrelishvili is based on the continuation of picketing by the opposition.

«Opposition responds to talks with picketing»
Oppositionists should not sit at the negotiating table to do their duty! There is no constructive reasoning in the civil format and it cannot become your handwriting. You choose street promotions, but you also have to refine that choice. Go to a little more academic style — picketing, blocking, useless, calls made against the background of differences of opinion are part of the play already seen, part of the ear and eyes tired, «- Tamta Megrelishvili wrote on the social network.

The lawyer calls on the opposition to change its style of action. Otherwise, it predicts a bad outcome.
«If you think that the alternative to real negotiations is street-to-street running by you, the will is yours!
In fact, you can not properly analyze the situation and the general mood.
The result will be devastating for you, «Tamta Megrelishvili wrote

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