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A telephone conversation took place between the Minister of Defense of Georgia and the US Secretary of Defense

A telephone conversation took place between the Minister of Defense of Georgia, Juansher Burchuladze, and the Secretary of Defense of the United States of America, Lloyd Austin.

The defense ministers of the two countries discussed issues of strategic cooperation and future plans.

The Georgian Defense Minister thanked his counterpart for his strong support and underlined the commitment of the Georgian side to both the bilateral strategic cooperation with the United States and the chosen Euro-Atlantic course.

«The US Secretary of Defense noted that cooperation with Georgia as a distinguished and reliable strategic partner is of great importance to the US Department of Defense.

He expressed readiness to engage more and further deepen the partnership. The focus was on the joint participation of Georgian and American troops in the «Strong Support Mission» in Afghanistan.

In a conversation with Lloyd Austin, Juansher Burchuladze stressed the importance of the strong support of the new US administration in the face of threats from Russia.

The minister noted that high-level meetings with the US, joint military exercises, and US support are a demonstration of an unwavering strategic partnership in the region.

The focus was on long-term security cooperation plans, which clearly define the long-term development priorities of the Georgian Defense Forces in accordance with NATO standards.

«The Minister also spoke about the US support for the successful implementation of the NATO-Georgia Essential Package and focused on the future prospects of expanding the area of ​​cooperation,» the ministry said in a statement.

According to them, at the end of the telephone conversation, the Georgian Defense Minister thanked the US Secretary of Defense and expressed hope for an official meeting in the near future.

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