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Georgia can not become a member of the European Union and NATO — Alexander Rari

Georgia can not become a member of the European Union and NATO for many reasons and therefore needs to find another solution — this is the advice given by Malkhaz Gulashvili, director of the Russian Foreign Policy Center «Russia-Eurasia» and a member of the Expert Council in the program «Real Politics» on Radio Georgian Times. Alexander Rari gave it to Georgia.

«The European Union is not a club where you open the door and enter. This is also a mandatory part that you have to fulfill along with receiving the benefit. If not, then Armenia, Azerbaijan and Ukraine should become members of the European Union together with Georgia. The latter earlier due to its geographical location. This begs the question, does the EU even need so many new members? However, I do not want to say that Georgia cannot become part of Europe. «It can be considered in the other possible space created by the rapprochement of Europe and Eurasia,» said the German political scientist.

As for why Georgia can not become a member of NATO, Rari says that this issue is related to Russia. «Since NATO has not been able to guarantee security in the area from Lisbon to Vladikavkaz and has only become a common European security bloc, Russia feels besieged and will not allow threats to its borders,» he said.

What position can Georgia take and what should it look for a solution, the political scientist believes that Georgia may think about special neutrality or not closer to the existing bloc unions.

«Fortunately, Georgia does not have a serious mental enmity with Russia. «It is an ancient nation of the sane and healthy psyche and has extensive experience in diplomacy,» he said.

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