Georgian kiwi has entered the Japanese market

With the help of the Export Promotion Program of the Agency «Produce in Georgia» and the Embassy of Georgia in Japan, «Aromaproduct» Ltd. exported Georgian kiwi to the Japanese market.

It should be noted that the visit of the Japanese delegation to Georgia is planned to increase the export of Georgian products to Japan.

The Japanese side also intends to launch an active campaign to promote Georgia as an interesting business destination. The agency will be involved in the process of supporting this campaign together with the Embassy of Georgia in Japan.

Aroma Products Ltd. On February 21-25, 2021, organized by the export direction of the agency «Produce in Georgia» and with the support of The USAID Agriculture Program, the company together with other Georgian brands — Gulfood 2021 participated in the exhibition:

«The market of the Emirates and Central Asia, in general, is very important for us because we are represented there in quite large networks.» — says Valeri Gugushvili, co-founder of the company.

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