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Jaba Khubua should be at the negotiating table except for all nationalists

Dissemination of Gharibashvili and Bera Ivanishvili’s record should not affect the negotiation process and as a rule, it would be most relevant for the negotiations between the opposition and the government to take place without representatives of this criminal regime, says journalist Java Khubua in Radio Georgia Politics »,

«The UNM does not deserve legitimacy, and the bigger trouble is that they are dictating the agenda of the opposition spectrum, and the current government is to blame for this, the Georgian Dream,» Khubua said.

According to him, what is happening in the country today is the result of cohabitation, and is on the conscience of the Georgian Dream. As for yesterday’s post, Khubua thinks it is an absurd theater. «Those who made these recordings and committed the crime are now coming out and punishing others for what they themselves have done,» said the journalist.

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