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The prison was broken from the inside — Khukhashvili on the records

«These recordings were put down because the talks failed and, in my opinion, the prison is broken inside,» said Gia Khukhashvili, an expert on Malkhaz Gulashvili’s «Real Politics» program on the Georgian Times radio.

«I have information that they have a similar suspicion in the dream and are looking for the record distributors inside. Kobakhidze and Talakvadze have been replaced by Gharibashvili at the negotiating table. He is also going to Brussels. Khukhashvili

He said it was a mistake not to launch an investigation into the case, it was political sabotage, and especially when a visit to Brussels was forthcoming and serious political decisions were being made.

«Kobakhidze Talakvadze was removed from the talks, Maglaperidze resigned and all this coincides suspiciously,» said the expert.

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