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90% of the economic team is changeable — Nika Shengelia, Doctor of Economics

Nika Shengelia, Doctor of Economics, spoke about the need to change the economic team on the Georgian Capital Radio today in the program «Capital».

«If this continues, there are signs of deflation shock. Prices have increased by 120 percent since 2010-11. In fact, nothing has been done for the last 10 years to produce substitute products, «he said.

According to Shengelia, great efforts and capital investment are not required for the production of local products. «Big news is not needed to bring the garlic and other things. Here we have a claim to the state approach, not to the manufacturer. Personnel policy needs to be changed. 90% of people in the economic team are changeable. They have been moving in one circle for decades, but we see that nothing really changes for the people, «Nika Shengelia said.

He said our economy is not working the most, as evidenced by the fact that inclusive growth in the economy is not happening.

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