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Insult can not be tolerated, but the case should not be resolved with a comb — Ghudushauri

When it comes to covert surveillance, obtaining and disseminating the recording, it is a criminal case and therefore it is the direct duty of the prosecutor’s office to launch an investigation. Timely dialogue. » «I would like to explain to the part of the society that dislikes the qualification of the prosecutor’s office that watching, recording, and disseminating is a criminal offense and the prosecutor’s office is obliged to initiate a case,» Ghudushauri said.

According to him, the dissemination of this recording was aimed at discrediting Gharibashvili and was spread through the media that are directly interested in the situation in the country never calming down.

According to the MP, no one has the right to insult, it must be followed by an adequate reaction, but it does not mean to run with a comb, there is a special article in the Civil Code that regulates this issue, ie the issue must be resolved legally and by street hacking.

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