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Sergei Naryshkin’s statement is a provocative step — Vakhtang Makharoblishvili

«The statement by Sergei Naryshkin, Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation, is another expression of the Russian Federation’s hybrid war against Georgia and a provocative step aimed at provoking destabilization in Georgia,» said Vakhtang Makharoblishvili, First Deputy Foreign Minister.

It is also noted that against the background of illegal occupation and annexation policy of Georgia, the Russian Federation is constantly trying to actively interfere in Georgia’s sovereign choice, using the elements of hybrid warfare and other means, related to the country’s democratic development, membership in the European and Euro-Atlantic family.

In a similar way, the Russian Federation is trying to sow nihilism in society, to provoke polarization and confrontation in the country, which does not contribute, not only to Georgia, but also to the already turbulent environment, to peace and stability in the region in general.

This time, the Russian Federation is trying to discredit the very close relations between Georgia and its main strategic partner — the United States, which has been actively developing in the spirit of the strategic partnership since the country’s independence and has reached a high point in recent years.

Naturally, Georgia, with the support of strategic partners and friends, will continue to develop the country democratically and make a steady move towards the historic choice of the Georgian people.

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