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Adavit Matikashvili claims that Nika Melia has the key to the prison in his hands

I have never seen a political prisoner with a prison key in his pocket — one of the leaders of the Georgian Dream, Davit Matikashvili, said in a timely interview with the Georgian Times on «Radio Dialogue» when he assessed the key topic of the EU-EU talks. , Including the release of Nika Melia, the leader of the United National Movement.

«I have not seen a prisoner have a prison key and not come out,» Matikashvili said. According to him, Melia has confirmed that he has income to pay the bail, while the prosecution, in turn, says that it will change the preventive measure to imprisonment if the amount is paid. «Have you seen it anywhere?» I do not and he can not be called a political prisoner, «Matikashvili said.
Makh stressed that the notion of political prisoner is not correct, since the state has no political prisoners.

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