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FM 92.3 — Radio «Georgian Times» is the leader of the rating

«I can confidently say that the slogan of the Georgian Times Media Holding ‘We do what we know’ has been justified by the radio,» Tamuna Abramishvili, head of the Georgian Times radio, told GTmedia. On one anniversary, the Georgian Times took first place in the Facebook rankings of radio stations and significantly outperformed its competitors.

According to the head of the radio, from the very first day of broadcasting we aimed to meet all the challenges of modernity. «We have gathered a team of professionals and offer only high quality products to the listeners. We make every effort to be a progressive, growing and innovative radio station. «Consequently, the quality and popularity of our radio is growing day by day,» said the head of the radio. He also noted that on FM 92.3, thousands of radio listeners a day can find information of interest to him from any field. «In the diverse broadcast network, we take into account the interests of all age or social groups.

Every day, 5 minutes before every full hour, you will be the first to know what is happening in Georgia and in the world. Only objective, balanced and comprehensive information is aired. Also — exclusives, live broadcasts from the epicenters of the events, the latest comments and evaluations of the main characters. And most importantly, we are operational and have only reliable sources. We offer analysis of qualified specialists and interesting interviews on current topics. «Apart from politics, we spend a lot of time on the economy, society, medicine, technology, culture and sports in the form of programs,» said Tamuna Abramishvili.

However, the radio is not going to stop there and plans to load the broadcasting network more with new programs. Most importantly, the introduction of news remains a priority, and in this direction can be considered the development of a well-functioning Facebook page, where anyone can listen and watch programs, ask questions and make them interactive. «In everything we have achieved, the merits of the founders of the radio, Malkhaz Gulashvili, Nana Gagua, Papuna Gulashvili, Davit Gulashvili, Giorgi Gulashvili, the president of the Georgian Media Holding, the first Georgian media holding in Georgia, are great,» said the head of the radio. Will reach heights.

Radio «Georgian Times» broadcasts 24 hours a day in all major cities of Georgia. In Tbilisi and Mtskheta-Mtianeti, Kakheti, Kvemo Kartli and Shida Kartli on FM 92.3.

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