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It is important for Georgian citizens to have a fan in Europe — Joseph Borrell

«It is important for Georgian citizens to have fans in Europe,» said EU High Representative for Security and Foreign Affairs Joseph Borrell after meeting with Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili in Brussels.

«The government and the opposition must decide together and overcome the difficulties that exist in Georgia. The country is battling an epidemic, but there are other challenges that need to be addressed. Finding a solution is a priority for the Georgian government. «Confrontation and tension do not help and do not advance progress and democratic development,» Borrell said.

He said all parties and political actors must unite to achieve results. «That is why the EU has moved to the mediation process. It is important for the Prime Minister to work with the parties and make efforts to resolve the challenges, and in this regard, it is important that both sides work to address them,» the EU High Representative said.

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