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Leaders of the «National Movement» stole people’s money, tortured people — Irakli kobakhidze

According to the leader of the Georgian Dream, Irakli Kobakhidze, it is a systemic problem for Georgian politics that criminals remain in politics.
«If I do not violate the presumption of innocence, I will start with Saakashvili, against whom there are several verdicts and he is hiding from the investigation. This is the first, who is the leader of the «National Movement», a recognized criminal in several criminal episodes. Nikanor Melia, who also has a conviction for a specific crime. He was bankrupting a private bank. Ugulava, who stole 48 million and has been sentenced for it. I will not continue. These leaders who stole people’s money, who tortured people, and so on. There are criminals and their crimes are recognized by various instances, none of them dare to send a single sentence to Strasbourg, this is also very important. «They are recognized criminals accordingly, but they remain in politics, which is a systemic problem for Georgian politics,» Kobakhidze said.

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