Nodar Meladze and Maka Chikhladze demand questioning in the presence of a judge

Nodar Meladze and Maka Chikhladze are requesting an interrogation in the presence of a judge as part of the investigation into the premeditated murder case.
Nodar Meladze, head of the news service of Pirveli TV, and journalist Maka Chikhladze were summoned to the Ministry of Internal Affairs today. Arriving at the investigative agency, the journalists observed that it was advisable to interrogate them in the presence of a judge in this case. They also offered to appoint a state security guard to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, but the journalists refused because, they said, the investigation did not provide any additional evidence other than Levan Mamaladze’s statements that would confirm the reality of the threat.
«The Investigation Service of the Central Criminal Police of the Ministry of Internal Affairs has the only evidence in the case and it is the statements made by Levan Mamaladze on Imedi TV. There is no other evidence in the case,» said the investigator with whom we had communication. The State Security Service offered us an investigation into Levan Mamaladze’s interview, explaining that they only had an interview with Levan Mamaladze, other additional evidence or circumstances. We refused state protection. «I think the main protection for journalists is free speech,» Meladze said.
According to journalist Maka Chikhladze, he and Nodar Meladze were summoned for questioning only on the basis of Levan Mamaladze’s statement.
«I have a feeling that all this is formal, we do not actually have any information. We were called because of what Levan Mamaladze said and it turned out that Mamaladze was not asked anything. To tell you the truth, Levan Mamaladze’s statements have never been convincing to me, but I do not have to find out, it is possible that in a particular case he really has real information, the investigation should find out. It turns out that the investigation has not been related to Levan Mamaladze so far. I refused state protection because I do not really consider this a threat until only Levan Mamaladze’s interview is the main evidence. «Also, we do not lack control of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and I think that additional control, when we meet someone on a daily basis, move somewhere, have communication with specific people, including sources, I think it would be another good way for the state to control us.» , — said Chikhladze.
According to lawyer Giorgi Mshvenieradze, according to the investigator, the only thing they can talk about is Levan Mamaladze’s recording, which was public.
«Nobody told us the rest of the evidence and did not know it. As for the interrogators themselves, their position and mine was that it is right to interrogate people in court. Therefore, we told the investigation that we have no problem giving testimony, but it should be done in court before a judge and when we are summoned we will come and testify. There was a suggestion regarding the appointment of a guard, we asked if there was any additional information related to certain dangers, as the investigation was launched under the article of premeditated murder, they did not provide any additional information, only Levan Mamaladze’s interview seemed very unconvincing. And on the other hand, the protection appointed by the Ministry could be perceived as controlling the journalistic activities appointed by the government, ”Mshvenieradze said.

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