The food ration of prisoners may be revised

It is not ruled out that the food ration in prisons will be revised. As GTmedia was told by the Young Lawyers’ Association, on March 18, the Tbilisi City Court will start an oral hearing on the case of discrimination against a former prisoner.

The plaintiff is an ex-prisoner, vegan and fed on vegetable proteins, fats and carbohydrates. In 2019, he was placed in the N8 facility of the Special Penitentiary Service. Upon arrival at the prison, he informed the administration about this and asked for a special food ration. Despite the request, he was not provided with the necessary food because, according to the administration, they had neither special food for vegans nor a cook who would prepare vegan food. However, vegan products were not available at the local store. As a result, the prisoner was able to receive only a small portion of the food offered by the administration and had to eat much less food than the norm at all times. Due to the fact that the plaintiff could not receive special food for a certain period of time, he encountered health problems.

The plaintiff argues that during his entire stay in the penitentiary institution, he was a victim of discrimination by the administration on the grounds of worldview, in particular, veganism, for which he seeks to establish the fact of discrimination and compensation for moral damages.

If the lawsuit is upheld, it will not only be possible to restore the plaintiff’s violated rights, but the decision may become a basis for reviewing the regulations related to food in penitentiary institutions.

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