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We do not have a result yet — Giga Bokeria

It is hard and difficult,» said Giga Bokeria, a member of European Georgia, at today’s meeting between the government and the opposition at the EU Office.
«It was a very difficult and difficult day of negotiations. That is, the fact that President Michel’s political investment in this process is very large was confirmed by the Georgian authorities after yesterday’s statements, continuing the process today, with his political patronage and his participation, at the invitation of his mediator, Danielson.
The fact that this person is still here and will remain tomorrow is a good thing, a chance for our country to come out of this crisis through negotiations. But, the negotiations themselves were very hard and difficult and these negotiations will continue tomorrow.
I can tell you nothing more than what I described. It was a difficult and difficult negotiation and we have no results yet. «It is good that our strategic partner against this background, created by the Georgian government, continues to make political investments and was and will be today,» Giga Bokeria said.
However, according to Giga Bokeria, there is no agreement at the moment, but there is a chance.
«The moment the agreement is made, the society will understand. We do not have an agreement now and moreover, it was a very hard and difficult day of negotiations. «If we do not see a chance, first of all, there is no situation that we do not see a chance, if a person, citizen or politician is responsible for this process and it is the duty of us, the democratic opposition, to use all opportunities,» Bokeria said.
Here, Bokeria says they will use every chance to negotiate.
«We will hear tomorrow’s story tomorrow. That is, when I am asked this question, I sometimes have a strange feeling, as if the question is if these negotiations are stopped, some result is reached, am I wrong? How to stand. Today is the worst political crisis in Georgia, the statements made by Prime Minister Gharibashvili yesterday and we assessed are very bad for the country. That is, at the moment they are not ready to find a way out with the opposition, with a large part of the society. There will be talks tomorrow as well. If you call my prediction whether such a thing can routinely last a long time and the situation is static, I do not think it is realistic. «We will use all the chances to reach negotiations, where there is a chance,» Giga Bokeria said.

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