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When the «National Movement» is in a difficult situation, sometimes it burns its own offices, sometimes it fights with posters — Kobakhidze

«Whenever the United National Movement is in a difficult situation, sometimes they burn their offices, sometimes they fight with their own posters,» said Irakli Kobakhidze, chairman of the Georgian Dream.
Kobakhidze is sure that the investigation of the case will have results.
«I have some information in this regard, but everything should be stated by the relevant agencies on how the investigation will proceed. I am confident that the investigation will have a result. I think the investigation will be successful. I think it is based on the information I have,» said the majority leader.
To the journalist’s question, «Did they throw their own poster?» Kobakhidze answers as follows:
«Where is the other logic? Which idiot should come up with an opponent to throw a poster of the National Movement. Today, questions are being raised about the fact that the poster of the National Movement was cut and the Georgian Dream is called nonsense by the National Movement,» he said. Kobakhidze.
When asked where he has information about the investigation into the damage to Nika Melia’s poster, Kobakhidze answered that he was greeted properly.
«We have asked him properly, as it is necessary, as a member of parliament can ask certain questions, so we have greeted him and we hope that he will succeed,» Kobakhidze said.

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