We give the deputies an opportunity to get out of the bullying of the radical opposition — Mdinaradze

Mamuka Mdunaradze, the chairman of the Georgian Dream faction, considers it an opportunity for some MPs to get out of the «radical opposition bullying» and not to support the decision of the majority not to support the abolition of mandates.

«We are giving another chance to those MPs who do not appear on TV, do not explain their position, to think in terms of the state and make a state decision,» the Georgian Dream faction told reporters, adding that radical opposition leaders were calling for an end to , However, many oppositionists do not express such a desire.

«We have given them another chance to get out of the bullying of the radical opposition and take a step that, on the one hand, will represent at least two-thirds of the population, as these studies have shown. «Many MPs say they are refraining from appearing in front of TV cameras, including representatives of Girchi, who said yesterday that they do not appear in front of TV cameras.

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