China spoke at the Davos Forum on global economic challenges — China’s ambassador

The Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the People’s Republic of China to Georgia — Li Yen spoke in an exclusive interview with GTnews about the participation of Chinese President Xi Jinping in the «Davos Agenda» of the World Economic Forum.

According to the ambassador, Chinese President Xi Jinping virtually attended the World Economic Forum «Davos Agenda» dialogue and delivered a speech. The title of his address was «Let the Torch of Multilateralism Light the Way for Mankind to Move Forward.»

«During the virtual meeting, the President of China clearly explained what kind of multilateralism is necessary in the 21st century and how China intends to protect it,» the ambassador told us.

He said that after the World Economic Forum in Davos, President Xi Jinping spoke for the second time in the format of the «Davos Agenda» dialogue and spoke about his views.

«2017 and 2021 are crucial years in the history of mankind, the world economy is facing serious challenges in both cases, and the international situation is chaotic.

Four years ago, the most urgent task for mankind was to get out of the difficult world economic situation and to eliminate the vague understanding of the peoples of the world towards economic globalization. At the time, President Xi Jinping focused on epoch-making issues such as «what is happening in the world» and «what should we do,» the ambassador said.

He said China’s first person focused on important issues such as turning a blind eye to economic globalization and protectionism, promoting economic globalization and bringing soothing and positive energy to the global economy, which is in a precarious situation. Amid the global economic downturn caused by the pandemic, which has become a global challenge, at such an important moment in the future and destiny of mankind, on the main theme of the Davos Agenda — «Using the Key Year and Restoring Confidence», President Xi Jinping Discusses Multilateralism And showed the way forward to a world facing centuries of change.

For the past four years, despite the changing international situation, China has always supported advocacy of multilateralism and helped build an open world economy. China has opened its doors even more wide to the outside world. China has organized the International Import Expo three times and the One Belt One Road International Cooperation Forum twice. China is fully implementing the Foreign Investment Law and its enforcement regulations, and as a result, the list of restrictions on foreign investment has been shortened several times; The free trade pilot zones have been expanded and a general plan for the construction of the Hainan Free Trade Port has been published. From multilateral international arenas to domestic diplomacy, from national development strategy planning to active participation in global governance reform, China has strongly opposed unilateralism and protectionism through real action; China has become a pillar of international cooperation and multilateralism.

In light of the complex problems in the world today, it is necessary to find out what true multilateralism is. In his special speech, President Xi Jinping stressed that the essence of multilateralism is that international issues must be resolved through joint discussion, and that the future and destiny of the world is in the hands of each country; Multilateralism belongs to all mankind and not to any «small circles» or «small groups»; Openness and inclusiveness are essential, not isolation and exclusivity; It is necessary to protect the foundations of international law and not to consider oneself as the center of the world; Agreement and cooperation are necessary and not — conflict and controversy; It is necessary to develop over time and not to shrink and fall behind. President Xi Jinping in particular stressed that multilateralism in the 21st century must be fair, innovative, and future-oriented. While maintaining the core values ​​and fundamental principles of multilateralism, it must follow the changes in the world, address global challenges, and reform and refine global governance through broad consultation and consensus.

To protect and implement multilateralism, China has not only taken a stand, but also taken responsibility. President Xi Jinping has openly stated that China will continue to take an active part in international cooperation against the epidemic, continue to implement mutually beneficial openness strategies, promote sustainable development, stimulate scientific and technological innovation, and promote new types of international relations. China, as always, will continue to move forward and cooperate mutually with other countries in the world, implementing multilateralism through practical actions, and bringing certainty to a changing world.

China is fighting not only for its own development, but also for the common interests of all mankind, which is the true embodiment of the concept of a «society with a common future.» Mankind has only one earth and only one common future. We firmly believe that a chilly winter will not stop the onset of spring and will not be able to cover the light of the murky night owl. «China, as always, will continue to move forward with the rest of the world, including Georgia. .

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